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Our Hand-Crafted Artisan
cheese is made from:

All Natural, 100% Fresh Cultured Grade A Arizona Milk, Salt & Enzymes... That's It! No Artificial Hormones.

  Cheesemaking at the Arizona Cheese Company

What is a cheese curd? Cheddar cheese curds are a very fresh product. Before cheddar cheese is pressed into a block and aged, it is a cheese curd. Think of it as newborn cheese, best eaten right after being made.

It starts with milk.
All cheese curds start with milk. Rennet, a milk-clotting enzyme, is added to the milk, which forms a gel-like mass.

Harping. Using wire knives called a Harp, the thickened milk is then cut into cubes. This starts the process of separating the liquid (whey) from the milk solids (curds).
Stirring. Once the curds and whey are separated, they are stirred until they reach the correct temperature and density.

Draining. The whey is drained, leaving behind the compact cheese curds.
Stacking. The tightly packed curds are then cut into loaves and stacked until they reach the right acidity (about .5-.7)

Milling. The loaves are milled to break apart the cheese curds and then salted to stop them from becoming too acidic.
Packaging. The last of the whey is removed by putting the curds into a hydraulic press overnight. Then the cheese curds are ready to be packaged.

Ready to eat! The whole process from milk to cheese takes 6 hours!

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